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ABSOLUE Night Cream “20 % High Concentration”

For Fall 2020, JuventeDC is offering an ABSOLUE night cream with a High Concentration of Beta-Glucan (ß-Glucan); probably the highest concentration of a single natural active ingredient on the market. With 20% ß-Glucan, this exceptional night cream promises deep hydration to the dermis of the skin, with a duration of at least 24 hours.

Oat ß-Glucan, the 3rd generation moisturizer, is scientifically recognized as one of the only transdermal carriers on the market. This transdermal property acts in such a way that this ingredient naturally penetrates the dermis of the skin while promoting the synthesis of collagen, which boosts cell renewal.

The vast majority of products that are currently on the market have hydrating properties that, for the most part, only act on the surface of the skin. Many experts in beauty care are of the opinion that more than 96% of the creams currently sold in stores act only on the epidermis of the skin.

This new product with a High Concentration of ß-Glucan is truly unique. It is even more so because of its revolutionary formulation, which also includes 100% natural Avenanthramides known for their smoothing properties. JuventeDC is also the only natural cosmeceutical company in North America to use an exclusive complex of ß-Glucan /Avenanthramides specially formulated for sensitive skin.

ABSOLUE Night Cream with High Concentration of ß-Glucan provides intense hydration and helps your skin regenerate while you sleep. Subtly fragranced, it provides suppleness and comfort until waking up.

Were you waiting for such a product? Don’t wait any longer!

JuventeDC is now offering it to you!

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