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JuventeDC is a cosmeceutical company that both develops and sells anti-aging products derived from 100% natural active ingredients, each backed by major scientific studies. The company is a subsidiary of the biotechnology company CEAPRO founded in 1997.

JuventeDC was the first cosmeceutical company in North America to incorporate both B-Glucan and Avenanthramides (GMO-free oat extracts) into its formulas. B-Glucan acts as a transdermal carrier and helps active ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, all the while stimulating the collagen synthesis. Meanwhile, Avenanthramides are recognized worldwide for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

JuventeDC offers women a unique selection of powerful products.

JuventeDC products are free of ingredients that could be harmful to both customers and the environment. They contain no animal-derived ingredients (i.e., bovine gelatin) and have not been tested on animals. Furthermore, they have been formulated by a world-renowned specialists and have undergone rigorous quality control testings.

All JuventeDC products have successfully passed microbiological analyses and are fully certified.

JuventeDC is truly a “Tribute to nature”

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