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Do you underestimate the benefits of a tonic lotion?

Although many consumers consider a tonic lotion as “optional,” it has, in fact, an important reason for being in our daily skincare routine.

Indeed, when applied after your skin is cleansed, the tonic lotion allows for the removal impurities that remain on the surface of the skin after the use of a makeup remover and eliminates the dust caused by pollution. By using a tonic, we make sure all particles and undesirable residues are removed. The skin is then ready to receive a beauty treatment, be it a day or a night cream. The lotion makes the beauty treatment applied even more effective, in addition to toning, refreshing, moisturizing and restoring your skin’s PH balance.

Why JuventeDC’s FRAÎCHEUR VISAGE tonic lotion?

By virtue of its more than 99% natural composition, our tonic lotion is made up of glacial ocean water from northern British Columbia and contains more than 60 minerals (manganese, sodium, sulphide, potassium, magnesium, calcium, silicon, boron, etc.), which have the properties of curbing dehydration, and in turn, moisturize by balancing the potassium/sodium ratio of the skin. And this is not all! The impurities of the skin are charged with positive ions and the water contained in the tonic is charged with negative ions. The law of attraction applies: the water attracts the impurities’ positive ions and helps eliminate them. An antipollution marvel!

Our FRAÎCHEUR VISAGE tonic also contains blueberry water, which is well-known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory virtues, as well as natural biosaccharides that have the mandate to protect the skin from external aggressions.

The JuventeDC tonic is the ideal complement to cleansing your skin with the DOUCEUR VISAGE cleansing milk. You can also use it simply to freshen up on beautiful summer days. Its refreshing, antipollution and soothing effects make this tonic a purifying water that is perfect for reviving your complexion’s radiance!

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