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The Importance of Night Cream

Even though night cream is often underestimated, it plays a vital role in the health and quality of our skin. As a matter of fact, our skin is constantly evolving, day and night, because it adapts to our environment. During our sleep, the skin is very active since its busy repairing the damage caused during the day and attempts to regenerate itself.

The Skin, Different Roles During the Day and at Night?

During the day, it protects us from external aggression, which generally comes from our environment (sun, wind, pollution, makeup, etc.). The skin plays the role of a shield.

The night is a time of intensive regeneration of the skin; it, therefore, favours its renewal and repair. While we are sleeping, the skin switches to a regeneration mode. That is to say, external aggressions do not solicit the skin. It’s more permeable, which allows the cream to act in depth.

We choose our night cream depending on our age:

  • In our twenties, we opt for a moisturizing night cream that allows the skin to repair sun damage and lack of sleep.
  • In our thirties, we ideally choose an anti-wrinkle night care product to slow down skin aging, refine skin texture and restore radiance to the skin.
  • If we have mature skin, we resort to an anti-aging cream that boosts hydration and stimulates cellular renewal and collagen production.

Our ABSOLUE Night Cream

Our ABSOLUE night cream is unique courtesy of its seven natural active ingredients recognized for their anti-aging properties, which includes Beta-glucan. An oat extract, this transdermal carrier promotes deep hydration and maximizes the absorption of other active ingredients. For every age group, it acts in-depth until the dermis, frees and restores your skin with what it needs.

Slightly fragranced, it moisturizes, soothes and boosts collagen as well as elastin fibre production processes. It is non-greasy and does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

The result? When you wake up, you will have a replenished, moisturized and smoother skin as well as a clearer complexion. You now know why the ABSOLUE night cream is an essential in your beauty ritual!

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