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Cosmeceuticals VERSUS Cosmetics

Today’s consumers, both men and women, take care of themselves and, of course, they want to delay the signs of aging. More importantly, they want high-performance products that do not cause any side effects; something that often happens with cosmetic products full of synthetic ingredients. Mostly, they increasingly want to avoid surgical interventions (fillers) and are looking for products that guarantee quick results; No more promises…!

Unlike the cosmetic industry that invests considerable amounts of money in advertising (amounts ultimately paid by the consumers), the cosmeceutical industry barely invests in advertising; it is the difference between a volumetric approach (Convenience products) and a valumetric approach (Speciality products). Generally, cosmetic products work on the skin’s epidermis, only on the surface.

The cosmeceutical industry has an approach that prioritizes products whose active ingredients have maximum dosages to generate optimal efficiency as quickly as possible.

These active ingredients are:

  • Organic
  • Concentrated
  • Powerful: ingredients backed by important scientific studies
  • Transdermal: treat all the way to the skin’s dermis


JuventeDC’s products penetrate through to the skin’s dermis thanks to Oat Beta-Glucan which is a powerful “100% natural transdermal carrier” and which is also considered to be, “the 3rd generation moisturizer” with much higher efficiency than that of Hyaluronic acid. Beta-glucan’s effectiveness is such that it stimulates collagen synthesis which boosts cellular renewal.

The results:

  • A deeply and intensely moisturized skin
  • Less noticeable signs of aging
  • A stunning complexion.


JuventeDC, Natural cosmeceuticals.

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