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Colours by JuventeDC

When JuventeDC decided to use colours on its range of products, it was clear that this decision was going to position the company in a very specific universe. In the beginning, eye-catching gildings and other sparkling contrivances were eliminated. JuventeDC’s products would, therefore, be part of a movement of modernity where the content takes predominance over the container.

But where did this idea come from? Well, after interviewing many North American consumers, they mentioned that after a long day of work and often arriving home late in the evening, all their products looked alike. Likewise, for the beginning of the day. Several mentioned that colour codes would be appropriate. It is therefore by listening to consumers that the idea was conceived.

That is how the colour product range came to be:

  • Parfaite day cream: Sunny yellow to start the day
  • Absolue night cream: Blue gray for the night
  • Radieuse eye contour care: Pink for the glow around the eyes
  • Suprême lifting serum: Dark blue for the intensity of the moment
  • Douceur Visage cleansing milk: Orange for vitality
  • Fraîcheur Visage tonic lotion Orange for vitality
  • Ultime nourishing body lotion: Orange for sensory stimulation

In short, it is women like you who are the source of innovations at JuventeDC. And beyond the colour, there are, of course, specific deep skin moisturizing needs. JuventeDC’s exclusive complex made of Beta-glucan and Avenanthramides (Non-GMO oat extracts) responds to this request in a unique way.

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