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How to understand your dry skin better

Is your skin dry and irritated due to this never-ending winter season? Even though dry skin is usually worse during the cold season, the cold isn’t the only factor causing dry skin. We wanted to teach you more about the different factors causing dry skin and how our nourishing body lotion ULTIME can help you prevent that.


Briefly, skin dryness is caused by a lack of hydration and sebum which prevents the skin to stay smooth and flexible.


There are multiple causes, here are some:

  • Heated air in our homes during winter time decrease the humidity in the air
  • Hot baths especially when long and frequent. Heat from hot water slowly strip away skin’s natural, oily protective barriers (hydrolipidic film).
  • Frequent contact of the skin with soaps, household cleaning products.
  • Regular swimming sessions, especially in chlorinated water; spas.
  • Very cold temperature because humidity levels tend to drop off in winter months. Skin problems are usually worse during these months.
  • Laundry detergent, synthetic clothing because the skin doesn’t breathe.


On vacation

  • Hot and dry weather. In desert areas where the hot weather can bring the humidity down to below 10% the skin can get dry fast.
  • The wind
  • The sun. Source of heat, the sun dries you skin. The more you expose your skin to it, the dryer it gets. The sun can damage your skin by drying the surface layers of the skin but the sun rays (UVA and UVB) can also cause the premature aging of the skin.


Internal Factors

  • A cold, the flu, medication
  • Insufficient water intake or significant loss of water or body fluid due per example to an intense workout


What ULTIME does


ULTIME nourishing body lotion was developed using natural ingredients that are usually found in face care products. Its unique formula using B-glucan to hydrate your skin 4 times more than hyaluronic acid and Avenanthramides to restore its natural softness. The ULTIME nourishing body lotion always come handy!

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