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Ceapro Inc. Receives the 2018 Award for Most Innovative Raw Material at Cosmetics 360 Salon in Paris

New chemical complex, beta glucan-Co enzyme Q10, attracts special attention as a potentially strong antioxidant to be incorporated in a new formulation from Company’s proprietary cosmeceutical products, JuventeDC

Ceapro Inc. a growth-stage biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of active ingredients for healthcare and cosmetic industries, announced today that its new chemical complex, beta glucan-Co enzyme Q10 (“CoQ10-BG complex”), received the 360 Beauty Award for “Most Innovative Raw Material” at the Cosmetic 360® Awards 2018 held in Paris, France. JuventeDC, is Ceapro’s proprietary line of cosmeceutical products that utilize the Company’s active ingredients beta glucan and avenanthramides.

The Cosmetic 360 Awards recognize the best innovations presented by exhibitors in each of six specialized categories including: Formulation, OEM & Laboratory equipment, Packaging & Manufacturing equipment, Raw Materials, Retail & Brands, Support functions for cosmetic industry, and Testing & Analysis. The winners of this competition were chosen by a jury of leading cosmetics industry journalists, who made their decisions on the basis of project novelty and showcasing of the innovations. The criteria for the Raw Materials category, which Ceapro was awarded, include: added value for the fragrance and cosmetic industry, relevance of the innovation for the market, and benefits to consumers.

“We are pleased to receive this noteworthy award from the Cosmetic 360® committee for the first-ever developed CoQ10-BG water soluble complex. I would like to thank both the organizers as well as our R&D team who have worked diligently over the past 4 years to develop and progress this new chemical complex through the use of our disruptive enabling PGX technology,” commented Gilles Gagnon, M.Sc., MBA, President and CEO of Ceapro.

The Company’s novel ingredient (CoQ10-BG complex) composed of CoQ10 impregnated on beta-glucan powder (BG) provides a stable water dispersion of CoQ10 and significantly increased bioavailability in an in-vivo study when compared to commercial CoQ10 in oil. By stimulating collagen synthesis, energizing skin cells and providing a >16% skin hydration over 24hr, the new CoQ10-BG complex meets consumers’ requests for safe, effective and preservative free active ingredients for anti-ageing and skin repair products.

With this new chemical entity, Ceapro is targeting several markets to bring energy back to aging skin, repair structural skin components in depth especially for burn victims, and provide long lasting hydration to decrease fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin health. However, this CoQ10-BG complex is just the beginning for Ceapro as the Company’s disruptive PGX technology can dry numerous biopolymers or proteins and impregnate the resulting structure with a myriad of other bioactives. Ceapro plans to continue generating unique, customized cosmetic ingredients and delivery systems aligned with customers’ needs.

About Ceapro Inc.

Ceapro Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company involved in the development of proprietary extraction technology and the application of this technology to the production of extracts and “active ingredients” from oats and other renewable plant resources. Ceapro adds further value to its extracts by supporting their use in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, and therapeutics products for humans and animals. The Company has a broad range of expertise in natural product chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology and process engineering. These skills merge in the fields of active ingredients, biopharmaceuticals and drug-delivery solutions. For more information on Ceapro, please visit the Company’s website at

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Source: Ceapro Inc.

Released October 23, 2018

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