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Benefits of β-Glucan

JuventeDC products contain high purity Oat Beta Glucan, naturally extracted using a proprietary patented process by Ceapro Inc. Although Beta Glucan can be isolated from different sources, they possess different functionalities due to their varied molecular weight ranges, structures and physico chemical properties like solubility and viscosity.

Oat Beta Glucan is a unique water soluble, stable and viscous product that naturally produces thin films that have the ability to entrap small molecular weight compounds including essential oils and bioactive agents and penetrates deep into the skin and delivers significant skin benefits.

Benefits of β-Glucan

Beta Glucan has a long history as an immune system booster, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Some of their well-known benefits are anti-aging, natural moisturizer, rapid healing of abrasions, ulcers & surgical incisions. Skin is more than what we see, with multiple layers and types of cells, when applied topically, Beta Glucans penetrates skin to deepest level of dermis to stimulate collagen synthesis and help to prevent wrinkles formation.

There is no magic bullet in natural health to improve the skin health and its overall wellness, and that is part of the beauty of wholistic health. We don’t expect improvement of skin with singular approaches, it needs education and daily application of the appropriate skin care products. A key to create healthy, glowing skin is to pick the right product and the most effective and safe natural ingredient.


What skin type is benefited from Oat β-Glucan

  • As we age our skin starts to lose its volume and elasticity. Those little lines and wrinkles that starts to pop up on the forehead. These changes can be reversed and we can regain a youthful appearance and erase the negative expressions of aging using Oat Beta Glucan. It penetrates deeply into the skin tissues, working its way down to the deeper layers where wrinkles are formed, it stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to prevent aging signs and increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness.


  • If you suffer with dry skin, products with oat beta glucan can greatly improve the skin’s moisture level. It naturally forms a protective thin film over the skins surface. The film helps moisture to be locked into the skin. It’s very effective at soothing and reduce the skin’s scarring and roughness.


  • Skin prone to acne may also benefit from Oat Beta Glucan due to its  activity on macrophages. This stimulation helps supporting the healing of pimples through improving skin’s immunity.


  • Sun-exposed skin can gradually lose moisture and essential oils, making it appear dry, flaky and prematurely wrinkled, even in younger people. Common skin condition often triggered by sun exposure could be prevented by daily application of Oat Beta Glucan products which will provide protection against sunburn and UV light redness.


Jacqueline Eskander Ebrahim

Director, Product Development & Regulatory Affairs, Ph.D.


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