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A brand new ESSENTIAL DUO!

Here are the latest additions to our product range based on natural active ingredients: Douceur Visage Cleansing Milk and Fraicheur Visage Tonic lotion.

In perfect synergy with our natural anti-aging creams, our two new products are a logical next step. Indeed, in our application tips, you can read: “Apply on a perfectly clean skin in order to maximize active ingredients potential included in JuventeDC formulations.”

How to make sure your skin is perfectly clean? Does your facial cleanser is irritating or allergenic? Do you have everything you need in order that nature takes care of your skin?

Here is the answer: more than 99% natural cleansing milk and tonic lotion. Formulated in laboratory from what nature has best to offer, Douceur Visage and Fraicheur Visage have anti-aging properties in addition to soothing your skin.

True to our promise to put science at the service of nature, here are the main features of our two new products.

DOUCEUR VISAGE Cleansing Milk:

As its name suggests, our cleansing milk is gentle enough to be suitable for all skin types. Its main ingredients are aloe leaf juice, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, moringa oil and jojoba oil. The result: a milk with nourishing, soothing, anti-aging, antioxidant, softening and moisturizing properties, in addition to regulate sebum production. Due to its formulation, our Douceur Visage milk restores the cutaneous barrier. It eliminates makeup and impurities while respecting the fragile balance of your skin.


This tonic lotion contains a well-kept secret: icy mineral water from Northern British Columbia. This precious resource is rich in rare and essential minerals. In our Fraicheur Visage tonic lotion, this icy mineral water is combined with blueberry water and plant derived biosaccharide. This ally completes your facial care routine by removing impurities, soothing your skin, while having anti-inflammatory properties. It balances the potassium-sodium ratio to prevent the loss of water in the cells and protects your skin from assaults of pollution. An essential complement to Douceur Visage Cleansing Milk.

These are two essential products to take care of your face with confidence and ensure maximum performance to our complete anti-aging Daily Ritual. It is not for nothing that we have named them the ESSENTIAL DUO!




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