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For women, by women!

It is always wonderful to get a recommendation – like for a beauty or skin care product, or a service – from a sister, friend, colleague… essentially, from someone you trust! This type of approval is reassuring in terms of the quality of the product or service in question. Also, if a person who knows you well takes the time to talk about something, there’s a good chance it will be of interest!


The inventors of JuventeDC face creams dedicated themselves to developing a line of anti-aging products that would meet the needs of real women. That’s why they surveyed women and also asked them to test the products.


Over a period of 14 to 28 days, some forty women spread throughout Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, New York City and Los Angeles sampled products.

Here are the results and their opinions.

They will certainly convince you to join the  JuventeDC family!

It’s your turn to discover our product line!


Parfaite anti-aging day cream

  • The product is such that it makes me want to use it daily. The cream had immediate positive effects, so I want to use it every day. / Lo utilizzo ogni giorno perché mi piace. La crema ma datto dei effetti immediati dunque ho la voglia di mettermela ogni giorno. – Linda, Montreal (Quebec)
  • Right after the first application, I loved the fresh feeling. My skin is smoother and seems to have fewer imperfections. – Mélanie, Baie-Comeau (Quebec)
  • After 3 weeks of testing, I’ve found that the day cream is more moisturising and better quality than the product I am currently using. I loved the product’s freshness. – Stéphanie, Lévis (Quebec)
  • My skin is well-nourished and the cream is not too rich, which makes it a great product for oily or sensitive skin. After only 2 weeks, fine lines were reduced. I love this day cream. – Julie, Fort Wayne (Indiana, United States)
  • Very pleasant and comfortable, so much so that I didn’t have time to spread it out — it was already absorbed. – Rachel, Montreal (Quebec)
  • I used to use an oil + a cream which, depending on the season, had unwanted effects on my skin. This day cream is simply perfect. I love the exquisite fragrance, the texture and the fact it is more than 98% natural. – Catherine, Quebec (Quebec)
  • A nice light cream that kept my skin feeling soft and moisturised all day. – Shannon, Oakville (Ontario)


Absolue anti-aging night cream

  • It is my favourite product because it is deep moisturising without leaving any kind of glare on my skin (oily feeling). – Véronique, Quebec (Quebec)
  • JuventeDC is a well-balanced, non-greasy and matte cream. I have tried over 50 face creams from different brands, at different price points, and JuventeDC is by far my favourite. – Julie, Fort Wayne (Indiana, United States)
  • I really liked this night cream. It wasn’t too thick and provided great moisture all day/night. The appearance of my skin has improved. It appears more taut and smoother with scars/marks less visible. – Jessica, Coronado (California, United States)
  • Lighter feel but awesome effect – More moisturising. My skin feels more nourished and firmer. – Sylvie, Oakville (Ontario)
  • My skin felt baby soft in the morning; firm skin, moisture penetrated deeply. – Jenelle, Hamilton (Ontario)


Radieuse anti-aging eye contour care

  • I really enjoyed this product. It is very thick and smooth, feels like it is nourishing the skin around the eyes, it isn’t oily and it is soothing. I like its softness and the silky texture during application. – Nathalie, Lévis (Quebec)
  • I like the feeling of wearing this cream. It doesn’t get hot around my eyes (remarkable level of comfort). – Catherine, Quebec (Quebec)
  • My crow’s feet seem less visible. – Shannon, Oakville (Ontario)
  • Very soft and good for sensitive skin. Would definitely use this eye contour cream. – Jenelle, Hamilton (Ontario)
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