Powerful anti-aging products

JuventeDC is a cosmeceutical company that develops and sells anti-aging products from 100% natural active ingredients; ingredients whose functions are supported by major scientific studies.

Before being a brand, JuventeDC is an encounter with thousands of women who, like you, are looking for powerfull anti-aging products. An encounter with nature in what it has of purest and most generous. From this was born an idea, an innovation and a range of products that are naturally anti-aging.

  • Our skincare products have been developed from 100% natural active ingredients including Beta-Glucan and Avenanthramides GMO-free oat extracts

  • Our skincare products have not been tested on animals and they do not contain any animal ingredients

  • Our products have been developed in laboratories with a rigourous care so they can be applied to all types of skin

  • In respect for you and the environment, our products do not contain: parabens, gluten, PEG, sodium laureth sulphate, phthalates and artificial coloring agent


In a few weeks, we will launch new products under the themes of Freshness and Softness. Products formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, innovative products with unparalled virtues.

See you soon!


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