Powerful anti-aging products

JuventeDC is a cosmeceutical company that both develops and sells anti-aging products derived from 100% natural active ingredients, each backed by major scientific studies.

Much more than a brand, JuventeDC is a commitment to thousands of women who, just like you, are looking for powerful anti-aging solutions. Experience nature in its purest and most powerful form! This is the inspiration behind our full range of innovative natural anti-aging products.

  • Our skincare products are derived from 100% natural active ingredients including Beta-Glucan and Avenanthramides (GMO-free oat extracts)

  • Our skincare products have not been tested on animals and they do not contain any animal ingredients

  • Our products have been rigorously developed in laboratories to benefit all types of skin

  • In the best interest of both our customers and the environment, our products do not contain parabens, gluten, PEG, sodium laureth sulphate, phthalates or artificial colouring agents


We are proud to present SUPRÊME and ULTIME!

Introducing our SUPRÊME lifting serum and ULTIME nourishing body lotion ! These two new products contain the innovative and natural anti-aging active ingredients that have become our hallmark: Beta-glucan and Avenanthramides extracted from GMO-free oats.  



Colours by JuventeDC

When JuventeDC decided to use colours on its range of products, it was clear that this decision was going to position the company in a very specific universe. In the beginning, eye-catching gildings and other sparkling contrivances were eliminated. JuventeDC’s products would, therefore, be part of a movement of modernity where the content takes predominance […]

During Spring, serums are our go-to

Spring is finally upon us! It’s time to leave behind the cold weather and to welcome the season of new beginnings. Let’s stay vigilant since spring temperatures like to vary while we get ready for summer weather! After winter, our skin can be dull and often needs to be energized. Because of the damages caused […]