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Essentials Trio

Treat yourself with this set that includes products for both your daily face and body care routines: DOUCEUR VISAGE cleansing milk, FRAÎCHEUR VISAGE tonic lotion and ULTIME nourishing body lotion.  Buy this exceptional Trio and realize substantial savings

$USD 82.00



The Essentials Trio includes:

  • The essentials of your skin care routine: DOUCEUR VISAGE cleansing milk / 180 ml and FRAÎCHEUR VISAGE tonic lotion / 180 ml. By using them daily, you’ll protect your skin’s natural beauty, and can also reap the benefits of our anti-aging creams.

AS A BONUS, we’ll add 4 washable makeup removal wipes, made of certified organic bamboo cotton, to your set.

  • ULTIME nourishing body lotion / 200 ml: this body lotion is made using natural active ingredients that are normally found in face care products. The exclusive B-Glucan/Avenanthramides formula immediately leaves skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft. Treat your whole body to something special with this rich and fast-absorbing cream.


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