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Cleansing your skin: An essential part of your skin care routine

Wake up, commute, work, sleep — repeat! This type of daily routine is extremely busy. As a result, there are some evenings when there simply isn’t enough time to properly and thoroughly cleanse your face, even though you know what an important step it is for healthy skin. Every day our skin is exposed to […]

For women, by women!

It is always wonderful to get a recommendation – like for a beauty or skin care product, or a service – from a sister, friend, colleague… essentially, from someone you trust! This type of approval is reassuring in terms of the quality of the product or service in question. Also, if a person who knows […]

How do antioxidants affect your skin?

We often hear about the benefits of antioxidants for both the body and skin. This includes everything from anti-carcinogenic properties to reducing the signs of aging. But what can antioxidants really do? What’s the impact on our skin? Let’s dive into the world of antioxidants! Firstly, what is “oxidation”? You know how an apple or […]

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