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During Spring, serums are our go-to

Spring is finally upon us! It’s time to leave behind the cold weather and to welcome the season of new beginnings. Let’s stay vigilant since spring temperatures like to vary while we get ready for summer weather!

After winter, our skin can be dull and often needs to be energized. Because of the damages caused by the cold season, our skin is often tired, loose and lost its elasticity.

During Spring, serums are our go-to. The power of serums is to stimulate your daily day and night treatment, as needed. By its composition, a serum is more concentrated in active agents than a daily treatment, up to three times more.

Our lifting serum is light, non-oily, smoothing and anti-inflammatory. Because of its high-performance ingredients, our ‘Suprême’ lifting serum restores and moisturizes your skin on your face and neck. It’s exclusive B-glucan/Avenanthramides formula offers a unique anti-aging solution, resulting in your skin looking radiant, bright and toned. The actives of this 99% natural serum will help plump, lift and regenerate your skin.

Gently wake-up your skin this spring with our lifting serum Suprême!

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