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Cherish your eye contour

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is 4 to 5 times thinner than the rest of your skin on your face? Indeed, this is a very sensitive and delicate area that needs appropriate treatments and care. We wanted to share with you some tips and advice and also tell you more about our Radieuse eye contour care.

Revealing signs of tiredness, stress and dehydration; eye contour is the sensitive area of your face and needs proper treatments. The skin of the eye contour is constantly moving and blinking alone produces more than 15,000 movements per day. Having minimal sebaceous glands, collagen and elastic fibres, it is the first area to reveal the signs of ageing. Applying thicker creams to thin and delicate areas of skin has the potential to block the pores, trap dead skin cells and may cause milia, aka white bumps under your skin.

With the natural effects of ageing, the different environmental factors including sun damage, deteriorates the quality of our skin. As a result, skin gets really dry and loosens up, which causes wrinkles. These wrinkles are signs of time slipping away, but at least they only appear little by little!

The evolution of eye contour during time

It’s usually in our 40s that we notice the crow’s-feet wrinkle at the corner of our eyes. Around your 50s, your upper eyelid gets heavier little by little causing the crow’s-feet wrinkles to be more prominent. During your 60s, your eyelid keeps getting heavier and dynamic wrinkles turn into static wrinkles. Aging isn’t the only factor causing our skin to look more tired or old, in fact, under-eyes bags and circles can do that too.

Why should you include an eye contour care in your beauty ritual?

Because the contour of the eye is a fragile area that needs specific treatments. Our anti-aging cream Radieuse was developed for sensitive skin. This anti-aging solution combines powerful marine and plant antioxidants with gentle, pure and natural moisturizers. It soothes, freshens and softens the skin around the eyes. Fragrance-free, with a light gel-cream texture, it uses ingredients such as Beta-Glucan, Avenanthramides, Asthaxanthine, shea butter, vitamin E, apricot kernel oil and Zemea®, and lets your radiance shine through, revealing your true self.

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